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We’re going to swim in that?

I have mentioned before that I can turn anything into a life lesson and here I go again…

I pulled to cover off of the pool last night.  Honestly, I have seen stagnate ponds that looked cleaner (Sorry, no pictures, I don’t want to gross you out).  The water is black and murky at best and even smells like a stagnate pond.  As I started to vacuum the bottom of the dismal abyss, I thought to myself “We going to swim in that?” 

After an hour of vacuuming, there was a slight change.  You could at least see a light surface emerging at the bottom.  After a massive amount of chemicals and a massive amount of filtering, I know that the water will be crystal clear and irresistible. 

It makes me think about our own lives.  It does not matter how dark or murky we are on the inside, God can pour spiritual chlorine through us and filter out all the impurities.  Just like a pool, it usually doesn’t happen overnight, despite my children’s desires.  It takes time and a balance of the right things to make yourself pure.  I could run my filter 24/7 but without chlorine, my water would still be green.  I could pour $500 worth of chemicals into my water but without stirring them up and running the filter, they would settle to the bottom, useless.  Given the opportunity, God will clean and filter your life until you begin to shine. 

Another interesting analogy is that a pool takes constant maintenance.  I do not like to swim in mostly clean water.  I want it fully clean.   I may have to adjust the pH here and the alkaline there throughout the summer and I always check the chlorine and run the filter.  I pull out the vacuum a few times per week to get the junk that starts to accumulate in the deep end because I want the water clean.  Our lives are just like that.  If we do not constantly maintain our spiritual person, we can become dark and murky and need major shock to get us clean again.  In September, my water was sparkling.  In June, it is repulsive.  With a little work, a lot of chemicals, it will be sparkling again very soon.  This weekend, I will be checking the levels of the pool chemicals.  I think I better take a reading on my spirit while I’m at it.

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