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hopeLight Worship Conference

I recently attended a worship conference at Lighthouse Community Church in Federalsburg, MD.  It was lead by hopeLight out of Warsaw, NY. 

I am not a worship conference veteran and am by no means an expert, but I was very impressed with how the conference was setup.  They started off with a full set of worship music and then talked about the hows and whys.  This did several things for me.  One, they showed that they knew what they were doing, both musically and spiritually.  Two, the music set the tone for the evening.  We were there to learn how to lead worship better.  They started leading by example and then broke it down for us.  The last thing that it did for me was it made me focus on the real goal, which is worshiping our God.

One of the things that really rang true for me was their talk about integrity.  I know there are many grey areas in Christianity.  For example, is consuming alcohol appropriate?  In many countries and even many parts of this country, it is completely acceptable.  In other areas, it is considered awful.  The worship leaders made a point that reinforced my own position.  How can you lead worship on Sunday morning if you were in the bar on Saturday night?  My position has always been that as a leader in the church, you should not cause another person to sin.  If a recovering alcoholic sees a worship leader or pastor drinking alcohol, they think that just a few won’t matter.  I’m sure the pastor can stop at just one but the alcoholiccannot stop at just one.  Another issue is that it opens quite a bit of temptation to lean on something other than God to deal with your problems.  Okay, l’ll get off my soapbox.

Another big issue that they addressed was that you need to worship God with all that you have.  We were created to worship God and so we need to spend our time in worship giving our all.  David danced until he embarrassed those around him.  I don’t think I have ever embarrassed anyone with my worship.  I know I need to loosen up and let go of the geek in me. 

All in all, the evening was well spent.  The band sounded great.  They were upbeat and fun to listen to.  But the most important thing was that they used their talent for God with all that they had.  They share their craft with everyone they can so that more people can worship in a free spirit.

If you get the chance, give them a listen and begin to praise.

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