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Ed Hochuli, Norv Turner, and Personal Responsibility

Ah, the NFL is back.  I love football.  It is by far my favorite spectator sport.  Two weeks into the new season and there is finally something besides Brett Favre and Tom Brady to talk about.  Official Ed Hochuli blew a call that allowed the Denver Broncos to complete an amazing comeback in stunning fashion, 39-38.  As usual, I found a life lesson in this not quite so tragic life altering event.

Norv Turner, the coach for the San Diego Chargers went nuts.  Sports commentators and fans have suggested everything from job termination to fines to water-boarding for Ed Hochuli.  True, if Hochuli made the right call, the Chargers recover the fumble and win the game.  However, they still allowed the Broncos to score the touchdown AND the two point conversion after the call. 

So Norv, here’s my thoughts.  Everyone including Hochuli knew the call was bad.  As injust and wrong as it was, the call could not be overturned.  It was the situation that you and your team had to deal with.  It was up to you and your team to not allow someone else’s mistakes to control your life.  You did not.  Move on. 

All of us must deal with things that are beyond our control.  What we can control is how we respond.  You can live your life being a victim and allowing other people and circumstances to control your life or you can choose to rise above those circumstances.  Greatness is not achieved by falling down to adversity but by prevailing over it.  Imagine the locker room had the Chargers stood up and won the game despite the bad call.  Imagine how they would respond the next time they were in a close game and on their heels.  Sadly, for the Chargers and for so many of us, all we can do is imagine.

I am not saying that it is easy to do what is right when everyone around you is wallowing in the mud or to hold your head high when you have been greatly wronged, but I can say that if you do, you will be stronger in ways that I am far too incompetent to define. 

Norv, you cannot change what happened.  You can, however, prepare like never before and take it out on the Jets next week or you can wallow in your self pity and be 2-5 and updating your resume.

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