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Delaware Republican State Convention

I had the pleasure of attending the Delaware Republican State Convention in Rehoboth Beach this past weekend.  This was my first and most likely not the last.  I served as an alternate delegate, which basically means that I was able to sit with the actual voting delegates and listen to the candidates as they asked (or begged) for our votes.  I do hope that in the future that I can serve as an actual delegate and be able to cast a vote.

I found the process very interesting and enjoyed much of the ceremony and pomp and circumstance.  Unfortunately, the day is mainly ceremony and not much substance.  This isn’t a knock against the party, but more against the system.  i will detail my frustration with Delaware’s primary system is a later post.

I have talked with a good friend who was also in attendance that was not nearly as impressed with the pomp and circumstance.  I can certainly see his point, but I still enjoyed it.  i should be ashamed to admit it, but I also really enjoyed the few times when decorum was lost and people said what was really on their mind.  Some of the cheap shots may not have been proper, but it was quite entertaining.

As an alternate, I was able to listen in as each candidate made their final push.  I originally thought that those speeches would have no real impact on my opinion.  However, after hearing each candidate speak, I found myself changing my mind on the congressional candidate and really liking someone different than who I liked before I walked in the door.

All in all, it was a day well spent and I look forward to attending in the years to come.

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