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Being a Computer Geek Is Like Being A Doctor

May 31, 2008 Leave a comment

Before you think that I am getting too self important, hear me out. 

I have never saved a person’s life.  I have not prolonged a life.  I have never helped someone get over a major illness.  I do not drive a Mercedes-Benz and I do not belong to a single country club.  I am, however, treated the same way as a doctor at social events. 

I am not complaining or griping or wishing it all away.  It is part of being a computer geek.  Just like being asked about a scratchy throat is part of being a doctor.  I don’t talk about what I do for money too much in social circles very much.  For one thing, I don’t like self important people so I try to not be one myself.  I am sure I fall short on many occasions.  Another reason is that what I do is not who I am.  Yes, I know that I am a geek and that is part of who I am, but I am more than my job.  If I left my job today, the sun would still shine on my employer.  They might not know how to reboot the sun when it crashes, but eventually, they would figure it out.  My life does not completely revolve around all things computer.  I realize that to hard cores, this puts my geekiness in question, but so be it.  I have a wonderful wife and three great kids.  I enjoy music and watching football and Lord of The Rings, my precious. 

It’s not that I don’t want to answer your questions.  I know why your computer keeps crashing.  It is either Microsoft’s operationg system, the spyware that you have never cleaned up, or the patches that you never installed.  More than likely, it is the last two and not the first one.  I know why you’re computer is so slow.  It is probably one of the answers above or maybe you bought the black friday special at your favorite box store and it doesn’t have enough memory and you’ve installed every desktop pretty picture changer and inspirational screen saver you could find. 

I am used to it.  Go ahead and ask me if you got a good deal on your digital camera.  If you don’t, it will cause you heartburn and you will be looking for your doctor friend.  Just remember to ask about my family first, it cuts down on the sarcastic response that you will get. 

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