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The Edge Of The Storm

June 5, 2008 1 comment

On Saturday night, we were on our way to Laurel, DE from Delmar to attend a birthday get together for a good friend.  As the picture shows, we passed through the edge of a terrible storm.  Like so many other ordinary things in life, it made me think.  All we were doing was driving to a birthday party and I’m thinking about the meaning of life. 

We were driving into the storm.  2 things should be noted here.  1, it was a very good friend and 2.  I’ve never been too bright.  Now, back to the meaning of life…  Behind us and to our right, we could actually see the edge of the storm.  If we remained focused on the storm, all we would have seen were dark terrible skies.  But as we looked around, we could see sunny skies and almost hear the singing birds.  Where we were was not what you would call a good place, complete with lightning crashing all around, howling winds, and blackened skies.  The storm was moving fast and we could literally see the end of the storm, but we had to look to find it.  If we had focused totally on the storm, we would have never seen that we were right on the edge.  We would not have spotted the sunlight shining. 

Obviously, not all storms are fast moving and most of the time, the change from storm to sunshine is more gradual.  But isn’t that just like life?  Some storms come quickly and pass just as quickly, leaving destruction in its path.  Other storms come in slowly and seem to stay over us forever.  One thing remains the same, no matter what kind of storm.  The sun always shines again.  Sometimes, it feels like 40 days of rain and other times, you wish that it was only 40 days. However, the sun always shines. 

As for our storm on Saturday, the storm passed through very quickly and we were grilling hot dogs and hamburgers within an hour of the great darkness. 

The picture is certainly not amazing photography.  I took it with a cell phone while we were traveling down the road at 50mph (and before you get concerned, my wife was driving), but I will keep a copy of it on my computer for quite a while to remind me that all storms pass. 

As I face the storms of life, both great and small, I know that they will pass.  I will try to take the time to look around to see if the sunshine is already in view and now I have a picture to remind me. 


Crazy Week!

May 29, 2008 Leave a comment

I apologize for not posting very regularly this week.  My plate has been full.  It has been great, but busy.  Our church worship team had the honor of providing worship music for the Laurel High School’s Baccalaureate service.  Things went very well.  It was a bit unnerving as I actually work for the school district.  Most employees know nothing of my guitar hero alter ego.  They simply know the mild mannered computer geek.  Well, maybe it would be more accurate to say that they did not know that their cranky computer geek plays guitar.  Anyway, I cannot shake the computer geek persona, even while wielding a Gibson axe.  Oh well, I was only asked two computer questions that night…

Wednesday night, our church’s drama team, Illuminate,  performed in Westover, MD.  I was asked to play two songs for the event and participate in a drama, which involved me playing the part of the Devil and getting beat up by a teenager.  My two daughters participate in the drama team.  They performed excellent!  Would you expect a different review from a proud dad? 

One of the dangers of having great talent in your church is that you start to get used to it.  We see dramas by Illuminate on an almost weekly basis.  I have watched them grow from a handful of people with an idea to a full team of adults, teens, complete with an entourage of around thirty people.  I have seen them move from trying really hard and doing good to working really hard and invoking real emotion and deep thought by those watching.  I have started to get used to it and even expect it.  The church in Westover was not used to it.  They were moved to shouts, praises, laughter, and even a few tears.  Our drama leaders should be extremely proud.  The team performed the best they ever have.  When you come to expect excellence, it is good to be reminded that it stands out.