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Another New Song: I am Yours

May 22, 2008 2 comments

I just finished this song about a week ago.  It isn’t as weighty as the other two that I’ve posted so far, but it is really fun to sing and play. 

Verse 1
Jesus I tried so hard so many times to make myself like You
Well You know I failed everytime so what else could I do but say?
Take me as I am do what I can’t do, I surrender
Take me as I am make my heart brand new
Here I am, I am Yours
Verse 2
Jesus I want my light to shine so bright so everyone can see
Make my life pierce through the night Oh Jesus shine through me
Repeat Chorus
Oh what I will see when I give You all of me
Repeat Chorus

The message is really simple but very significant.  Being both male and geek, I want to do things my way, even when other ways are clearly better.  Jesus said that His yoke is easy and His burden light.  I like making my own terribly uncomfortable yoke and trying to pull a small mountain with it.  I am learning…slowly.  Let’s just say that if Church were school, my class would have two teachers. 

I have major spiritual growth in the last year, mostly because God has began teaching me with a 2×4.  It is a very effective method.  i will probably need to use the same method on my son later in life.  Teaching methods aside, I am learning to truly trust God.  It is scary and it goes agaist my conservative nature to let go, but the rewards are incredible! 

What can you let go of to give God more of your life?  Think about it, pray about it, and do it!  Trust me, if I can, I know you can.