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Gymnastics and Geekiness

June 1, 2008 4 comments

My son and two daughters, who are sporting their hardware from the meet.

I have hit the pinnacle of my geekdom! I am sitting in a coffee shop downloading something on my girls’ gymnastics coach’s computer and posting on my blog from my blackberry. I have to admit. I love being a geek. My wife even got into the act by homeschooling our son during breaks in the meet
Enough about me, my girls had a meet today in Millersville, MD. It was a smaller meet and the girls compete at next year’s level. Mine are staying level 4. Although the scores were not as high as states, they both collected more hardware than in any other meet this season! I think the judges kept the scores lower to allow the girls room for improvement. I could be totally wrong as it is nearly impossible for me to tell the difference between good and great in this sport. Bad is detectable in any sport.
Back to my girls, My youngest daughter scored a first, third, fourth, and third all around. My oldest scored a second, third, fourth and third all around. The big victory is that my oldest made the podium more today than any other meet, possibly more than she did all season. she couldn’t stop smiling! There are so many things I love about this sport but one of the biggest is that everyone gets their playing time. No matter if your are pulling 9.9s or 5.0s, you get the same amount of time. Don’t get me wrong, you have to have skills to even make it to the team, but once you’re there, you don’t have to ride the bench. All season, my girls have been in the middle or back of the pack and have progressed nicely as the year moved along. This have them a taste of what they might experience next year. They are building crazy strength, strong charictar, and good work habits. It’s nice to collect some hardware every once in a while, too.


I am proud of my girls!

May 12, 2008 3 comments

My girls competed in the Level 4 Maryland State Championships this weekend!  My wife and I were so proud of them! My oldest picked the right time to peak as she scored her highest in 3 out of 4 events and scored her highest all around.  My younger daughter scored her highest on the beam and had her second best all around.  More importantly, they both had their most consistant day of the entire season.  I can’t wait for next year 

This is their first year in competitive gymnastics and it has been so awesome to see the change in both of them.  Yes, they have learned a lot about how to tumble and twirl and even fall gracefully, but they have learned so much more than that.  Their confidence levels have soared.  They have come to realize that if they can jump up and down and do handstands on a 4″ wide board in front of a couple hundred people then long division or speaking in public just doesn’t seem so hard. 

I can relate anything to lessons in life and take full opportunity to do so now.  After what my girls (and all girls on their team) have done this season, they are dripping with self confidence and fully know that they can push themselves beyond what they are currently capable of.  Not because someone told them that they could.  Not because they read about other people doing it.  Because they did it.  Isn’t that like how God trains us?  You can read about great men and women in the Bible.  Your pastor can preach about how you can overcome great obsticles but until you actually face the hard stuff, you don’t really know what you can do.  Many choose to cut and run or wallow in self pity.  But those who choose to perservere through the hard lessons in life find that everyday trials are just a minor inconvenience.  In order to achieve great things, you must conquer great obsticles.  If the beam were 12 inches wide instead of 4, the handstands and the jumps would be too easy, but more inportantly, some of the skills would be impossible on such a wide beam.  It has to be 4 inches in order for the gymnast to show true grace and beauty that is different from the floor excercise.  If you want to be a stronger Christian, then you have to do your handstands on the beam instead of on the floor.  Look to your storms and struggles as training to make you more skilled and graceful in life not as massive mountains that cannot be overcome.  The Bible says God will not put more on us than we can bear.  If you are in a massive struggle, then he know that you are capable of more than you think, just like the gymnastics coach knows that her girls are capable of handstands on the beam even when it looks impossible to the gymnast.