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Another New Song: I am Yours

May 22, 2008 2 comments

I just finished this song about a week ago.  It isn’t as weighty as the other two that I’ve posted so far, but it is really fun to sing and play. 

Verse 1
Jesus I tried so hard so many times to make myself like You
Well You know I failed everytime so what else could I do but say?
Take me as I am do what I can’t do, I surrender
Take me as I am make my heart brand new
Here I am, I am Yours
Verse 2
Jesus I want my light to shine so bright so everyone can see
Make my life pierce through the night Oh Jesus shine through me
Repeat Chorus
Oh what I will see when I give You all of me
Repeat Chorus

The message is really simple but very significant.  Being both male and geek, I want to do things my way, even when other ways are clearly better.  Jesus said that His yoke is easy and His burden light.  I like making my own terribly uncomfortable yoke and trying to pull a small mountain with it.  I am learning…slowly.  Let’s just say that if Church were school, my class would have two teachers. 

I have major spiritual growth in the last year, mostly because God has began teaching me with a 2×4.  It is a very effective method.  i will probably need to use the same method on my son later in life.  Teaching methods aside, I am learning to truly trust God.  It is scary and it goes agaist my conservative nature to let go, but the rewards are incredible! 

What can you let go of to give God more of your life?  Think about it, pray about it, and do it!  Trust me, if I can, I know you can. 


Run To You

May 4, 2008 1 comment

Today, I had the chance to sing at the Salisbury Christian Shelter for the third time.  I sang three original songs: Enough, Even Me and the world premiere of “Run To You”.

Run To You Lyrics:
Verse 1
I can hear the sound of a thousand different voices screaming in my head.  It’s driving me insane.
You push through the noise and I’ll try to make the choices that leads me back to You,
That leads me to this truth that You are my hiding place.  To You I run. I run to You

You’re the way the truth the life. You hold me close when things aren’t right
You will always be my shelter in the night I run to You
When my world is upside down You turn me back right side around
You’re my rock when all around is sinking ground I run to You

Verse 2
The world is pulling me as far away as it can, far away from You, from what I know is good
But for all You’ve done for me the least I know I can do is hold tight on to You,
To hold tight to this truth that You are my hiding place. To You I run. I run to You

Repeat Chorus
We were made to worship You but we caught in the average everyday
I will turn my heart to You and You alone ’cause You alone are God I run to You

Repeat Chorus

One of the things that I am so fascinated by is our free will.   So many times, we pray that God would move in our lives or that He does something miraculous or amazing for us and then do nothing to help our own cause.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe in the miraculous power of God and that He can work signs and wonders.  Most of the time, however, we must put ourselves in a position to be used by God or to receive what He has for us.  It’s true that Saul was converted on the road to Damascus via divine intervention, but Saul, now Paul, had to make the choice to see Ananias. 

I am always praying that I get a chance to sing my songs.  Recently, I received a last minute call to sing a few songs.  I had not been practicing faithfully at the time and was caught stumbling through my own songs.  I don’t know if those in attendance noticed it but I sure did.  I prayed for God to move and then didn’t prepare for what I asked for.  That’s real faith, isn’t it?  Today, I was ready, and will be the next time.

Yes, God still performs miracles today.  If you want to see proof, go to and watch the Lakeland Florida revival.  However, we must do our part.  We would all see the foolishness in trying to lose weight by eating a half gallon of Ben and Jerry’s every night.  Our spiritual growth works the same way.  We must try to make the choices that lead us closer to God.  We will fail sometimes, but grace will be given.  Let God be your hiding place.  Run to God.  You may be surprised, but you will never be disappointed.