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Parenthood and The Long Term Goals

May 23, 2008 1 comment

Being a father is an amazing thing.  If you have read over my blog, you can tell that my children are extremely important to me.  I’ve talked about homeschooling, gymnastics, and drama teams.  While each one of those things are important, they are all part of the greater goals that my wife and I have for our children. These goals include having a healthy Christ centered world view and being prepared to meet the challenges that they will face in adult life.  One of our greatest goals is that they have the ability to

It’s easy to lose sight of the greater goal in the midst of the average everyday stuff.  You forget about the long term goals sometimes when you just want the socks put away and someone to take the dog out before she goes, oops, too late. 

I was reminded of the long term stuff on Sunday while watching my girls perform their drama ( Yes, dealing with laundry is an important adult skill, but isn’t it more important that we want to worship God and do things to demonstrate that love? 

In one of my absolute favorite books, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey writes that we need to begin with the end in mind.  This certainly rings true in parenthood.  As parents, we are the biggest influence in our children’s lives.  Obviously, our children will ultimatly decide their career, spouse, and lifestyle, but we as parents are obligated to give them the greatest number of possibilites and the skills to make well informed and wise decisions. 

So in between homework, sports practice and investigating who is responsible for the new stain on the carpet, take some time to think about what you want the end result to be.  What would you consider the measure of a successful parenting career?