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So can you secede from a town?

September 25, 2008 3 comments

We recently looked at  a very nice home and quickly ruled it out because it was the last house inside town limits.  With town water, sewer, and taxes, it added over $200 per month to the cost.  So it made me wonder, can you secede from a town?  A quick Google search showed me that I was not alone in my thoughts.   It has been done by at least one condominium complex in Pennsylvania and is being considered by another in New York.  (

My question is can one homeowner secede?  There have been many towns that want to secede from their state.  I know there are advantages to being part of a town and that those advantages come at a price, and for me, they are not a good value. 

My question goes much deeper than just pure economics.  What about political and regulatory issues?  I am, for the most part,  a far right social conservative but I have very libertarian views on property ownership.  I have a hard time paying the town a fee so that they will allow me to make improvements on my property.  Uh, thank you?  I understand the need for safety and good citizenship but we have become this nanny state society where everyone must be protected from themselves and have government watch over every move.  I have said it before and I will say it again, at the very least, our forefathers would be disgusted at what our country has become.  I fear that they would label us all Tories.  I find that my desire for independence does not fit well with municipal living. 

So, can someone legally secede from a town?


Senator Ted Kennedy

May 20, 2008 5 comments

I’m about as politcally conservative as one can get in the 21st century.  I complain that most Republicans aren’t conservative enough.  I’ve never voted for a democrat in any national election.  All of that aside, Senator Ted Kennedy and the entire Kennedy family need ALL of our prayers tonight.  In case you’ve been under a rock without any connection with the known world, Ted Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor.  His final diagnosis is still unknown.  I know what how his family is feeling right now.  Uncertain, scared to death and of death.  The world they knew on Friday has spun off its axis and into an abyss. 

Cancer doesn’t care if you are a kindergarten teacher, as my mom was, a vagabond, or a United States senator that has served eleven years longer than I have been alive.  It is an equal opportunity world wrecker. 

So please join with me tonight, no matter what your political and social views are, and pray for the Kennedy family.  I John 4:11 says “Dear friends, God so loved us, we also ought to love each other”