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Rumble Strips and Warning Signs

Recently, I came across a bad accident on the way to work.  I saw a car flipped over on its roof.  It looked like they swerved to miss a car that ran a stop sign.  Today, when I came home, there were rumble strips approaching the stop sign that the car ran through.  A little too late for the car on its roof.  Why did it take a horrible accident for people to realize that rumble strips were a good idea?  What’s worse is that the strips are only on one side of the road, so you can only be sleepy when traveling south.  

Now I’m not writing this to bash DelDOT because it reminds me of how I operate in my life.  It takes major events to get me to really grow in my faith and trust in God.  Trusting God is always a good idea but it takes my life flipping upside down to actually do it.  I am going to try and be more proactive in my walk with God.  Let’s not wait for bad things to happen to turn to God.  Let’s ask God to examine our lives and change us before we have done damage.  Let’s give up our pride and humble ourselves now instead of waiting to be humbled.